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You broke the glass of your iPad ? Your iPad is your professional or academic work tool ? We can repair your iPad today close to Laval. We are the reference in Montreal for the replacement of the broken glass of the iPad. We repair all models of iPad with a 1 year warranty for replacing the glass only or replacing the entire screen.

If only the glass of your iPad is broken we can change the glass only ! Have you heard that it is impossible to change the glass only but that the entire screen must be replaced ? We can prove you the opposite and offer you a unique repair in Quebec.

If you are a company or a school we invite you to contact our team via our contact form for opening a business or school account.

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Reparation cellulaire, iPad, Samsung S8 par poste Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec
273 Ste Catherine E Montreal, QC
Phone: (514) 692-0082
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